Tips How to Prevent Divorce

All couples go through periods when they feel distant and disconnected to each other. There are times when many question the future of their marriage and wonder whether they will end up contributing to the ever-increasing divorce statistics.

Advice on How to Prevent Divorce

If your husband wants a divorce but you don’t, check out our ten tips to prevent divorce and get your marriage back on track.

  1. If your spouse wants a divorce don’t despair – just one of you trying to turn things around could well be enough. Try to agree on a period of time before any action is taken to commence divorce proceedings. Give yourselves the chance to consider your future together. Use this time to take vital steps to re-engage with your spouse and re-vitalize your marriage; see examples of the things you can do in our tips below.
  2. There’s no time to waste; don’t focus on the things that your spouse may have said or done to the detriment of your relationship; instead look inward. Especially if you are the only one making an effort to salvage your marriage, consider what action you alone could take to lessen the tension and increase the affection.
  3. There are many of our articles that include this point but we make no apologies for mentioning it again! It is simply something that is so easy to improve upon and can become a powerful tool in your marriage repair kit! This tip is simply to think about how you speak to your husband= could you improve the way you communicate in your marriage? Could you brush up on the content, tone and language you use when speaking to your spouse?
  4. Be considerate – think about what it is that your husband most needs from you – do you provide this? What could you do to give your husband the basic emotional support he needs? Time, attention, affection, sex… what does your relationship currently lack that you could make more of an effort to provide?
  5. Many couples discussing martial issues during counseling talk of recurring arguments. The same issue, if left unresolved, can raise its head again and again. Just imagine how much better your marriage could be if you dealt with this issue once and for all. One powerful way to tackle this issue is to identify the triggers of regular arguments and consider the different things you could do to remove them.
  6. Redefine success – when you get into a fight don’t focus on winning. The aim of the game is to agree not to win; so try to refocus on finding resolution instead of victory. Just this shift of mindset, this redefinition of what you want to achieve, can take the heat out of arguments and facilitate swifter agreement.
  7. Reconnect physically – sex is an important part of marriage; if your love life has become a chore or nonexistent, research ways to revive your intimacy.
  8. Listen to your spouse and then listen some more. If your husband wants a divorce you need to understand why; don’t second guess him – give him the opportunity to explain how he is feeling and why he sees divorce as the only solution.
  9. Once you understand the situation consider what to do – perhaps this is the time to consider putting some difficult issues behind you; to forgive and be forgiven, to make every effort to move forward in a positive way. Pick two or three achievable things you could both do to make a big difference to your marriage.
  10. Be realistic; there are no quick fixes. Saving a marriage takes time and a lot of effort.

If you have been wondering how to prevent divorce then we hope these marriage advice tips will help you. Some couples want to work on their marriage together but at times it is just one half of the couple who wants to make the effort to put things right.

Preventing divorce is not impossible. If you succeed in doing so you may actually end up with a stronger marriage than you had before because you have taken the time to work out the main issues that have been pulling you apart.